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FeatherBoard 4.18.0

Test it live @
@clip's server using his plugin placeholders


Support is handled in threads that contain enough information
For bugs please use the discussions, support through PM's is not handled unless asked beforehand (due to spam reasons)

The above image is a 1.8 server with FeatherBoard 3

The above image is a 1.12 server with FeatherBoard 4 running ANTI_FLICKER_V2 BETA

Video by @Koz
This video is a bit outdated

How to video [Hub scoreboard]

  1. 5000+ efficient placeholders [No reflecting, cached when needed if the plugin didn't do this, very fast parsing]
  2. A lot of preset animations that you can use
  3. Easy to configure, but with the possibility to make it more advanced
    1. You can use tools such as AnimationCreator to create stunning animations
  4. Original no flicker plugin with stable core
  5. No lagg [Can even run on a Raspberry Pi]
    1. Efficient placeholder parsing: Only placeholders used in the config are used
    2. Efficient animation and placeholder caching: Placeholders are cached when the plugin doesn't do this (usually smaller plugins where the API directly connects to a database). Animations are cached several frames before sending so it doesn't 'stutter' the scoreboard without actually taking up heaps of memory.
    3. Efficient sending
  6. No flicker (Some plugins claim to also have this, but usually just change the scoreboard lines or use a "buffer"). This plugin combines no flicker with no lagg
  7. Change/Animated the scoreboard numbers on the side. Event use placeholders to update their values
  8. Hide/Show lines during animations
  9. 1.13 support
  10. Backwards compatible to 1.7R4 (Even if you own a normal spigot server, you may want to go back to 1.7 in the future because you want to install some modpack? No need to ditch the scoreboard or download a very old version... just use the latest FeatherBoard)
  11. Many updates
  12. Event triggered scoreboard to show relevant scoreboards based on what the player is doing
  13. Assign scoreboards based on groups, permissions, worlds
  14. Internal Developer API and external Placeholder API (MVdWPlaceholderAPI) to add your own placeholders
  15. In depth placeholder configuration to define what they return
  16. Players can toggle boards on and off
  17. Toggled scoreboard can be stored in a database to save their choice after server restarts.
  18. Players can switch between boards
  19. Console or an OP can switch scoreboards of other players
  20. Create super advanced scoreboards that contain "quick settings" and javascript

Below are the server requirements and the supported scoreboard update methods with their properties for that server version.

If your server software is not listed it is most likely not supported!

  • CraftBukkit/Spigot/PaperSpigot/PaperClip
    • 1.7.10
        • Title width: 32
        • Line width:: 26-28
        • Line width with static lines: 60
        • Amount of lines: 15 + 1 title
      • ANTI_FLICKER_V2: Unsupported
        • Title width: 32
        • Line width: 16
        • Amount of lines: 15 + 1 title
    • 1.8
        • Title width: 32
        • Line width: 26-28
        • Amount of lines: 15 + 1 title
        • Title width: 32
        • Line width: 68-70
        • Amount of lines: 15 + 1 title
        • Title width: 32
        • Line width: 32
        • Amount of lines: 15 + 1 title
    • 1.9 - 1.12
        • Title width: 32
        • Line width: 26-28
        • Line width with static lines: 60
        • Amount of lines: 15 + 1 title
        • Title width: 32
        • Line width: 68-70
        • Amount of lines: 15 + 1 title
        • Compatible with all scoreboard/team plugins
        • Less RAM and CPU usage
        • Title width: 32
        • Line width: 26-28
        • Line width with static lines: 60
        • Amount of lines: 15 + 1 title
    • 1.13
      • ANTI_FLICKER_V1:
      • Title width: 1024 characters
      • Line width: AS LONG AS YOU WANT
  • Cauldron/KCauldron
    • 1.7.10: Everything is compatible except for ANTI_FLICKER_V2 (beta feature) and hover-able commands such as /featherboard placeholders and /featherboard permissions
      • Title width: 32
      • Line width with anti flicker v1: 26-28
      • Line width without anti flicker: 16
      • Line width with static lines: 40
      • Amount of lines: 15 + 1 title
Required server hardware:
The plugin can run on very low hardware. The only requirement is a good connection between your bungeecord and servers when using very fast animations.

Required dependencies:
Optional dependencies:
  • MVdWUpdater: For updating

Originally scoreboards were never intended by Mojang to contain whatever information you want. Originally they only showed a title, players and their score. Due to some clever tricks I was able to get Anti flicker V1 and V2 to use these scoreboards for high speed animations. However there are still limitations that exist on all scoreboard plugins.
  • The red numbers on the side can no be removed - they can however be altered by placeholders or static numbers (see configuration wiki)
  • This plugin will not work with other plugins that utilize the sidebar scoreboard permanently. If the plugin only shows a temp scoreboard (like a level up in mcMMO - this is supported).
  • This plugin will not work with other plugins that give all players the same scoreboard such as HealthBar or other Teamplugins
    If you want a Team plugin that works with FeatherBoard you can try AnimatedNames
  • The plugin gives every player a unique scoreboard. Meaning commands or plugins that edit the main scoreboard (like /scoreboard) won't work. This is for any plugin that handles scoreboards
  • The character length also includes colors (2 chars per color/effect)
  • You can not dynamically add or remove lines. You can however show or hide lines giving the same effect.

Ever since there were scoreboards in the game developers have been using them to ... display things that have nothing to do with scores. This plugin looks like your everyday scoreboard plugin that displays some information but this is more then that. This plugin allows you to create advanced animations with more then 5000+ placeholders from a lot of different plugins (and more coming every update). You can also send a different scoreboard to different players using various methods such as permissions, worlds , ...

But what makes this so special? Well, it does all these animations with practically zero lag and absolutely no flicker. What you would call "lag" is converted to things that are less annoying things like the refresh speed of the animation (few milliseconds delay).

The above image is a 1.8 server with FeatherBoard 1.0.0

LeaderHeads plugin top scoreboards

Twitter placeholders

Changing the number on the side

The plugin has some preset effects and formatting tags that make it easy to create cool animations. You can create scroll effects, repeat a message multiple times, rainbow effect, split a placeholder in a few parts and a lot more ,...

Video #1: Video is shows the flicker on poplular servers VS FeatherBoard

FeatherBoard allows you to trigger specific scoreboard based on various in game events such as combat, mcmmo, ...

That way you can use FeatherBoard for other plugins and show relevant information to the player.

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